Time Flys…

OK…OK. I have been very busy and have not updated this page or anything else in six months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been shaking that family tree as often as I could.

If anyone is interested… The Boyd – Cox Annual Family Reunion happens this Sunday in East Bernard Texas. I will be attending with my family and will try to post anything new next week. In honor of the occasion the picture above is Sarah Cox and James Boyd’s Marriage License. Also, my wife’s family will be holding a Yount Reunion in August, and we hope to attend that one also.

As I stated above, this has been a very busy time and I really haven’t updated or posted any new info to this site. I hope to have more time this summer to spend getting my files in order and new info posted here.

I have had some minor finds in the first half of the year. I have spent quite a bit of time on my Pearson Family. They traveled west from North Carlina to Indiana sometime in the early 1800’s. Started raising families before packing up and moving to Arkansas. They ended up in Texas in the 1850’s, along with a group of families they met up with along the way.

I am still not having much luck tracing my Boyd ancestor, Edward. I have found reference to his marriage to Eliza Freeman in Collin County Texas in 1853 (thanks FamilySearch.org my first search on the site). If anyone out there can help with information on this man it will be very much appreciated.

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