Beginning again

It seems to be the nature of the internet. Always beginning. Always evolving.

This is the first major evolution of this site. Whether it is any better than the last, you will have to be the judge. The main thing that has changed is my database has been updated to remove some of the non-relatives that had been there since my very early days.

I’ve staked my claim to my homestead in cyber-space. It’s a lot like the 1870’s in Texas when my Great-Great Grandmother Eliza Freeman Boyd was allowed to stake her claim on the land she was already living on.

Other than wanting to put my genealogy out where other researchers can find it and possibly make a connection, I don’t have a definitive reason for doing this. But, come to think of it, I might have just typed the key to the Internet subliminally. After all, isn’t the entire reason for the Internet to make connections?

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