January 2004 – Starting Over (again)

At the end of October 2003 I was informed by Yahoo/Geocities that I had one month to update some pages on my website or they would be deleing them in a housecleaning effort. About a week later I followed the link they supplied to start the update process only to find my website didn’t exist any longer. At first I was upset about the way they didn’t honor their own email, but, after some thought I decided they had made a couple of decisions easier for me. You see I was seriously thinking about having them host my site commercially so I could utilize the web addresses I have be paying for for a number of years. Guess what…I think I’ll be looking else where.

I do plan to use this opportunity to  rethink my old site, which I was quite proud of, but which was very hard to update without a major amount of time investment.

My main purpose in putting this site up is to allow me to share my hobby of genealogy with others who share that interest. This time around though, I think I may also broaden the scope of my coverage to include some of my other life interests. Don’t be surprised if the directions this site take don’t always appear to be consistent.

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