Melinda Cox Eaton

From Gary

OK, to get this started I’ll post this…
This last week I’ve been chasing Melinda Cox Eaton and her family. I found a transcription on the Shackelord County GenWeb site of burials in Moran Cemetery in Moran, Tx. the following Eatons were listed:

Eaton, Danny 1908 1910 B-11
Eaton, Ermon D 1892 1958 B-11
Eaton, Eva M 1893 1979 B-11
Eaton, Infant 1916 1916 B-11
Eaton, John Elmer 1914 1933 B-11
Eaton, Lola Pearl 1912 1915 B-11
Eaton, Melinda E 1861 1928 B-22
Eaton, Silas T 1889 1963 B-11
Eaton, Thomas G 1856 1915 B-11

The link to the site is:

This post was from Cox, Pearson, Whitt and Related Family Researchers: A family forum on msn Groups being shutdown in January 2009

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