October 10 2006

Trying to keep the genealogy data updated on this site is not a easy task. Really it mainly involves about four hours to upload a full set of pages. And this is with a semi-fast connection…Oh well, I will try to be more timely in the updating.

One major change in this update…I have been convinced by the staggering amount of evidence that Caleb Cox my Great-Great-Grandfather was never named Phillip. The only place Phillip ever showed up was on a census record. Sadly that record was one of the first things a number of us researchers discovered. Since I have perpetrated the mis-information for a number of years, I hope this site update will help to straighten out the confusion.

If you have anything to add to what you see on these pages, feel free to contact me. If you find discrepancies, please bring them to my attention so I can make corrections (or at least note that there are conflicting facts). I hope this site will be useful in your research.

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