February 1, 2007

My research hasn’t had as great a pull on me as it did a few years ago. I have been updating info and adding additional records to existing people in my database but haven’t had any great breakthroughs in any of the ancestral lines I am researching. So goes the life of a genealogical research hobbyist.

For my latest Genealogy data.

The one thing that has happened in the last week is that two different people have asked that the data on their families be removed. One of the folks asked that data going back over one hundred twenty years be removed. The reason both gave was to protect the maiden names of their mothers since that information is used as a security measure by banks and other financial institutions. I will refrain from expressing my opinion on the security of their financial information if that is the extent of the security offered. It has been my policy in the past to keep everything but names private for living people in my database. This has allowed many people to find connections in the past. I intend to keep this policy in effect. I will, though, upon request mark living individuals as private. This will leave the family sheet on my site with the name listed as “Private”. I hope this policy is acceptable to those who find themselves on these pages.

It is through connections found on these pages that I have met many research “cousins”. I hope that more connections will be found which will eventually lead to the discovery of the next level of ancestors on many of my lines of research. It is the data on descendents that leads to more data on ancestors. As more eyes are added to the search more data is found that leads to more avenues of research. It was for this very reason that I first published this information almost ten years ago.

If you have anything to add to what you see on these pages, feel free to contact me. If you find discrepancies, please bring them to my attention so I can make corrections (or at least note that there are conflicting facts). I hope this site will be useful in your research.

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