Celebrating A Life

This past Saturday I returned to a small town west of here where I spent quite a bit of time growing up. It was a birthday celebration for one of my cousins…Her 80th to be exact. And it was being held in the Orchard Community Center. The Community Center was once part of the Orchard School complex, so it had plenty of provenance within my family. Both sides of my family moved through Orchard.

Margaret, the cousin we were celebrating, grew up here and graduated from this very school. She was the daughter of one of my dad’s older brothers. She grew up on the corner next to my mother’s family. Both houses are no longer where they once were, though at least one of them still stands.

Margaret was a teacher, a mother, a wife…Her friends turned out to celebrate with her…Family, friends, colleges and students, the large room was filled with well wishers.

Happy Birthday Sissy…I hope the next one is as happy.



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