We do not choose family. We choose to accept from them, hope they accept us, and do what we can for them when they need us most.

From “The Pillars of Sand” by Mark T Barnes

When I stumbled on this quote this week I was already thinking about how I view family…

It was an epiphany I had many years ago. Your friends you choose because you like them. You choose, to a certain extent, your lover. But, when it comes to your family, in most cases there is no choice. An accident of birth placed you in with a group of people… People who may have ideals that are the polar opposite of your own. People you would never choose as friends… But these people are closer… They are family

But guess what… It’s all OK. The difference between family and friends is straight forward… Family you have to love, but, you do  not have to like them. If you get lucky, you’ll get both. Sometimes, family can be friends.But it doesn’t always happen.

Friends we can outgrow, grow away from, move away from… Life happens. Sometimes you share your entire life with a friend, sometimes just chapters. But your family is forever. From birth to death… and beyond. And you never even had a choice who they were.

Funny thing about this epiphany… Once I had it, it was easier to “like” the family I already loved…

Thanks to all of you for being my family of no choice. I am glad I didn’t get to choose… I probably would have screwed it up.


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